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How To Sell A House: 10 Tips For Selling Your House FAST (and for a great price!)

10 Steps to Sell Your House Fast

If you (or someone you know) is looking to sell, you will probably be looking to make the most amount of money from the sale, right?

So how do you go about makeing sure you net the most money possible?

How To Sell A House: 10 Tips For Selling Your House FASTBelow are 10 tips that a seller can follow to assure that the home gets the best price and most of all, get’s sold quickly.

Step 1: Use a broker that is familiar with your area

You need to expose your property to as many potential buyers as possible. That being said, who do prospective buyers get in touch with when they are house hunting? Most people turn to Real estate agents and brokers. So working with a broker/agent who is familiar with your local market is key. The National Association of Realtors says that 85% of purchasers rely on real estate brokers for their home selections, while the Internet accounts for the majority of the remaining 15%…. and who creates all of those online real estate postings? Real estate agents and brokers from the local area. If you need help with any of this, our would gladly apply for the job!

Step 2: Familiarize yourself with the listing sale agreement.

Standardized real estate contracts have become lengthy and complex over many years. If you sign one of those, read it carefully and be aware that you are agreeing to every unmodified term and condition. Make sure there is nothing in the agreement that needs to be taken out, rewritten, or added. Brokers will offer a copy of the sale agreement that they might use at listing presentations and go over it with you to avoid misunderstandings. Consult your attorney or broker for further detailed information.

Step 3: Be completely familiar with the current real estate market.

For the sake of negotiations, knowing recent comparable sales data isn’t always enough because often they don’t give the complete picture. As an example, two houses might have both sold for $300,000 but the owner gave one buyer a $20,000 seller credit for a new roof and appliances. Local brokers who are familiar with the details of recent sales are able to provide the best negotiation advice.

Step 4: Understand all of the terms you are offering.

You are confident that your property is going to sell at a satisfactory price, but instead of starting out with an inflexible amount, consider the property sale as a combination of price and terms. For example, it might make more sense in a slow market to help to offer to pay some of the buyer’s closing costs by offering a “seller contribution” instead of lowering the price of the property. Often the seller contribution could be significantly less than a reduction in price. Also, buyers who require cash to close the sale could find that more attractive causing your place to sell over your competition.

Step 5: Request a smaller deposit.

In order to create a legal contract, the buyer needs to make an “earnest money deposit”. In an ideal marketplace, a seller will receive a large deposit, but in a challenging market, a much smaller can be accepted. Buyers generally prefer to put down the lowest possible deposit because a huge deposit indicates a big financial and psychological commitment. You can ask for a lower deposit if the buyer has mortgage pre-approval or if the buyer shows a strong interest in the property and you have no other offers.

Step 6: Try to sweeten the pot.

Are you really planning to take large items like a swing set, sun awning, or washing machine? In certain cases it may be better to leave such items for a buyer to make an offer.

How to Price a Property correctly - Sell Real Estate FASTStep 7: Keep your photos updated.

For example, if your MLS photo shows snow around your home in the middle of the summer, potential buyers will know your house has been on the market a while. They may interpret that as a bad sign and will expect to submit a lower initial offer. Make sure your broker posts recent photographs.

Step 8: Fully understand the marketing plan.

The broker’s marketing plan should be reviewed quite often to see that it is being followed and is changed whenever it is needed.

Step 9: Check out the competition (open houses).

Going to open houses, also known as your competition is a great idea. It isn’t always easy to be objective. However, do other owners have selling ideas that might work in regards to your home? Is there something you can
use to bargain with? You could consider offering to do some painting or other cosmetic repairs.

Step 10: Don’t nickle and dime, keep everything in context.

Don’t worry about nickels and dimes when your main goal is to get the house sold. For example, before closing the deal, a seller had a buyer request an extra $500 to resolve last minute repairs that were discovered. That gesture seemed like nothing more than a case of buyer’s remorse, so the seller agreed to it, received an otherwise ideal price, and closed the sale. It wasn’t long before the prices softened in the local market. It was better to lose $500 than to find another buyer later when the market was lower and the final sale price would probably have been less by several thousand dollars. Would the seller have preferred to save that $500? Certainly. However, six hundred dollars was a small price to pay considering that the delays could have meant a big reduction in price (and getting stuck with another mortgage payment).

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North Coast Village Homes For Sale – Oceanside Beach Front Condos

North Coast VillageNorth coast village condos for sale
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Oceanside, CA 92054

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North Coast Village consists of 550 privately owned beach condominiums. Situated along a beautiful sandy beach enjoy endless days of surfing, swimming, volleyball, firepits, BBQ’s and all that Sunny San Diego has to offer! You can almost always catch a special event on the beach in Oceanside! Surfing Competitions, Iron Man, Surf/Volleyball Camp, Pier Fishing, Harbor Days, Race Across America, Operation Appreciation, Beach Soccer Championships, Parade of Lights, Turkey Trot, and many more. Walk to the harbor, pier, restaurants all enjoyed just steps from North Coast Village (NCV) condos. Come experience North Coast Village today!

Inside North Coast Village the peaceful scenery continues, with a lush tropical landscape, wandering streams, waterfalls, and ponds filled with Japanese kois. There are two pools, two jacuzzis, exercise room (treadmills, free weights, etc.) along with mens and womens saunas, plus gas bbqs throughout. A rec room with ping-pong tables and pool tables and the perfect putting green. NCV residents are safe, with gated entrance and 24 hour security. Besides just relaxing, there are always hundreds of activities to fill your day. This is just a small selection:

Relax on the Life guarded beach
Let the “hot pools” soothe away your stress
Work out in the exercise room
Stroll the lush,tropical grounds
Enjoy the two beautiful swimming pools
Improve your putting on the manicured putting green
Warm up in the separate Men’s and Women’s sauna
Play some ping pong in one of the on site recreation rooms
Feed the Koi in the on site pond.

View Available North Coast Village Homes and Condos For Sale: http://freesdhomesearch.com/index.php/north-coast-village-condos-for-sale-real-estate/

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